Cement Hand Mixing Tool

Mix It Quik™ Cement Hand Mixing Tool for contractors and do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners makes the job of mixing and pouring ready mix bags of cement, concrete, mortar, mulch, and soil mixes easier, quicker, and cleaner than traditional mixing methods. Mix It Quik™ mixes 40, 60, and 80 pound bags of heavy materials in about a minute.

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Search your local PBS Listing to find “This Old House Hour,” Los Angeles Project Season 9 of ATOH, Episode #924. Our Mix It Quik is the featured “What is it?” airing for the first time beginning March 17, 2011.  

The Mix It Quik™ two piece assembly is made from all industrial strength materials. A cloth mixing trough and a handle strap cradle system attach and lock together for use. The 5’ x 5’ cloth mixing trough is made of industrial strength poly fabric. The unique handle strap cradle system is made of durable 2” polypropylene strapping material with 7/8” rubber hose handles.


Start your project immediately, without the usual time consuming preparation time. The set up is so easy. When you spread out flat Mix It Quik’s mixing surface (black side up), you are instantly ready to perform your mixing and pouring. Click here for our Instructions for Use page.

When not in use, these two piece system folds up inside the bucket for easy transport. The unique packaging of the Mix It Quik™ system, in a bright yellow, heavy duty plastic bucket with a resealable black lid and handle, doubles as a storage and water container. The water markings inside the bucket are in ½ gallon increments from ½ gallon to 5 gallons for easy water measurements of 40, 60, and 80 pounds of ready mix.

Whenever your job or home project calls for dry mixing of heavy materials (concrete, cement, mulch or soil mixes), choose Mix It Quik™ as your time saving, money saving, energy saving solution. “When every minute matters,” Mix It Quik™ is your tool of choice.